Gomms Wood Nature & Art Trail


Chiltern Ranger Workshops with Boomm Futures Youth group created the sculptures in the woods themselves, creating characters from wood offcuts, branches etc, which were placed strategically around the trail circuit.

Decreate designed the ‘Rubbings puzzle’ which is a ‘collect them all’ artwork on¬†6 separate laser-etched perspex tiles.

Decreate then took all the photos and held another workshop to produce bespoke illustrations for the guide leaflet/map and launch flyer.

The Launch day was a great success (if not a little damp- it was february after all!) and the trail continues to be used regularly by local people.

Download the flyer and find more about Gomm’s Wood on Chiltern Rangers website.


A collaborative Community project, this fun art and nature trail involves a fun loop around local woodland.
Decreate was invited to be a big part of the entire process, from initial workshops through to designing the flyer/map.


Chiltern Rangers


Consultancy, workshops, design, illustration