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Based half-way between London & Oxford, De-create was established 2001-ish* as a platform for multi-disciplinary Artist Daniel WilsonThe name was coined by Dan and his big brother Mark: a talented designer and fan of cromulant words.

Decreate produces artwork, and then some; We work closely with our clients to achieve great things, from commercial companies to individuals and communities.

We mix energy, understanding, skill and authenticity with a light, professional approach. Visually, we pride ourselves on have no ‘house-style’ prefering to provide bespoke designs with real identity, and we use the process, medium & technical techniques to satisfy the needs of the project. Being artistically versatile is a strength and encourages vitality and creative thinking.

All our work is unified in its attention to detail, quality of finish and overall engagement with viewers. We are knowledgable in materials and processes, we care about our environment and history, and we are considerate to people and places.

The eclectic portfolio takes in personal & commercial artwork resulting in stand-out pieces such as large-scale public Murals (The Brunel Shed and The Oxford Canal Murals), Graphics (the MBS Pro 100 Mountainboard), and illustration (the Painspotting Series of books). OOI he first project to carry the Decreate name was a series of snowboard graphics for FSU in 2002.

Dan himself has over 20 years of professional experience and has worked with award-winning agency Soulful Creative since 2010. He frequently collaborates with a fantastic network of other talented creatives, and has many rewarding personal ongoing projects such as Young Roots with Chiltern Rangers & WYA and the popular online mountainboard magazine Remolition.

FINE ART: Artist Statement

Dan has spent a lifetime actively mixing creative platforms, utilising and subverting traditional & contemporary artistic skills. Let us draw you an analogy…

I love creating something with a twist. Adding levels or details. Destroying and creating like night and day, dark and light.

My passion is rooted in art; visual expression of ideas, moods, interests. I buzz off the diversity and challenges, and i just can’t be a one-trick pony, sorry. My artwork ranges from quick scrawls to detailed doodles to super-realism to painterly abstract expressionism. Collage, graphics, photography. Pencil, ink, spraycan, watercolour, photoshop. Whatever… Just customise.


‘The Girl in the Pink Hoody’, mixed-media on canvas 2009

It can be all about colour & composition or subject matter. It can be honesty to materials, a technique or process. It’s a reaction, a meditation, a way of expressing, and it’s all good for the soul.

It’s like riding my mountainboard; it’s practise, personal fulfillment, evolving whilst enjoying the moment. New techniques, using old ones in new ways, learning from mistakes, balance, and feeling alive.

It’s just better when your heart is in your art.”

Putting the cheese into steeze, Remolition UK Tour 2012, Windermere


In his ‘spare’ time Dan enjoys Mountainboarding and runs the popular online magazine covering this alternative sport Remolition.com

Set up with friends in 2007, Dan now takes care of all the updates, visuals and editorial, and writes the‘Inside Line’, his blog of 7 years.

It is a fantastic outlet for a side of Dan’s artistic expression.

It must be love.