Here in The Gallery you will find many paintings and artworks signed Wilson, Daniel P Wilson, *WiL*, wilz, Decreate, or whoever else he feels like being that moment…


Daniel Wilson’s Fine Art painting produced over the years has an eclectic first impression so we’re grouping the work together in Exhibitions reflecting style, theme, materials, dates produced, and such like.

Often prophetic or ‘ahead-of-their-time’, many paintings are the result of an idea, a concept delivered, whilst some are more meditations on process.

Some stand alone, some are sketches for further ideas, some are part of wider series’, some are explorations. All have been produced as personal work however alongside the bill-paying ‘bread & butter’ work. Art therapy, or something.

Some have been exhibited, some are sold, some have been stolen or missing, and some are still in storage due to never having had representation.

All contain a bit of Decreate soul, each one a Horcrux.

Please do not touch the paintings. Thank you.

3-decreate-easytiger1. Retrospective – A tasty ‘Best of’ sampler (coming soon)

NucleoSynthesis detail

2. Grafstract Expressionism – A journey into painterly abstract expressionism. Spontaneous and intense, each of these large-scale painting captures transcendent moments of 21st Century flux. 

'The Fools we are as Men' (2009) 85x50cm, acrylic on canvas

3. Damask Fools – Riffing wryly on the concept of historical Stately and Suburban home decoration, this series played with pre-conceptions of interiors, from trompe l’eoil decorative plates to graffiti’ed damask wallpapers.


4. Painterly Pop Tarts – Bold colours, intriguing textures, deeply superficial. These collected works stem from over-saturation of pop culture and a desire to embody a digital moment or essence or thought in a physical, non-digital medium.



More from the stores and pages from the sketchbooks coming soon


Please contact us for availability or to commission a canvas of your own.