CAMHS @ Harlow House Interior

We worked to realise this interior space transformation with Article 12, a group of CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) teenagers, and their Support Workers, at High Wycombe’s Harlow House.

They had had enough of their miserable magnolia waiting room and surrounding areas, other rooms and corridors etc. It was dark with shabby noticing (blu tack everywhere) and loads of intimidating doors.

Not the most positive place to be when you’re in a sensitive head space.

We had workshops with the kids and interpreted their ideas, developed a plan, made, painted, and installed.

Talk, think, create.

Points of interest include:

Zoned areas with hand-painted graphic motifs and signwriting to the walls

Several feature wooden wall panels, hand cut & painted with interpretations of the kids workshop doodles

bespoke handmade wooden radiator covers

15 colourfully painted doors with individual vinyl cut graphics

Numerous interchangeable sign/art display frames & pin boards, including 2 ‘speech bubble’ interactive wipeboard lights

It also has new furniture, which arrived after these photos were taken…


A positively transformed space.

Thank you to Tom, Carla & Article 12, and the staff at Harlow.

Read their thank-you note in our testimonials

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Brief: improve the waiting areas at an NHS facility for troubled teens


Artscape for NHS Oxford Health


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