Decreate Studio is home to award-winning multi-disciplinary artist Daniel Wilson aka Dan, Wil, or Wycombe's Banksy. We are based at the foothills of The Chilterns in Wycombe, 1/2 hr west of London.

We destroy meh and create wow with our eclectic art, inspiring and enlightening along the way.

From high end commercial artworking to creative local community action, people and our environment are the passionate heart of what we do. We love transformations and collaborations!

Working in a variety of creative industries for over 30 years and specialising in murals for over a decade, we put skill, experience & soul into our bespoke creative projects.

Please note; for 2024 we will endeavour to add more updates to this website and share more of what we do! Our services include murals, signwriting, illustration, Interior design, decorating, consultancy, workshops and more.

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