Superhero Walls

July 2, 2012 at 10:50 am / by

Been doing some kids bedroom murals this week.. It’s a great chance to paint (spray) some characters i grew up with/love!

Here’s one of my highlights…

It was especially cool to do Silver Surfer again- I hand-painted him onto a surfboard blank in 2005 for Fatum Surfboards in Portugal…i’d love to see that again as didn’t get any photos of any of the surfboards i decreated..


This version of ¬†the shiny galaxy-surfing¬†Norrin Radd was sprayed up in a couple of hours, it looked rad all sketchy & expressive but didn’t fit in with the rest of the mural styles so spent a bit longer and got it to where you see here…

Final touches using a black & a silver Sharpie gave a bit of extra definition, although for some reason all i see now is the fact i didn’t highlight his moobs in the right place hahaha!


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